Friday, January 23, 2009

Microsoft wants to listen to music with me

I just installed Windows 7 Beta, I run Windows Media Player for the first time and I get the following dialog:

The default option is 'Recommended Settings' but I notice that it says 'send usage data from the Player to Microsoft' and I go 'nah..' and choose 'Custom settings' because it says 'Customize privacy,..'

I click 'Next' and the following dialog appears:

But mhmmm....I can't uncheck the 'I want to help make Microsoft software and services even better by sending Player usage data to Microsoft'...

I like it how they try to sell it to you... 'come on! help Microsoft make this software even better! helping is good! help! if you help you're a good person! heeeeeeeelp!' ...

I guess this is a 'conditioned' beta, you get to play with the software but only if you are willing to 'help'.. :) which is good, right? :)

It's a silly thing anyways, but I thought it was funny.