Friday, June 23, 2006

Release of the Universal Hooker

Ok, I'm relasing the 'universal hooker', A tool I wrote and have being using for a couple of years now. I have many versions/implementations of the same idea, but the one I'm releasing now works as an OLLYDBG plugin.

You can get more information about 'uhooker' in

Basically, uhooker is a tool to intercept api calls/arbitrary addresses and then use python as the scripting language for the hook handlers. There's no need to recompile anything to hook functinos, and the hook handlers can be changed at runtime (e.g.: you can change the code of the hook handler between two different calls to te same function and everything will continue working).
Take a look at the URL I mentiond before, I spent a little more time trying to describe what uhooker does there :).