Thursday, November 29, 2007

New & Updated Uhooker scripts

I updated the uhooker scripts on the uhooker's web page ( some of them were pre-1.2 but did not work with uhooker v1.2 because of minor things, but anyways, now you can download them and they will work :).

I also 'improved' and added the following scripts:

Intercept Network Traffic With Hex Editor: These scripts will intercept sendto(), send() and recv() and for every packet received, an hex editor will be displayed. You can use the hex editor to change bytes of the packet, and then close it to pass the modified packet to the application. Is fuzzing with a GUI! :).

I'll try to create an screencast so you can get a visual idea of what these scripts do. I'm gonna start uploading some other scripts I think you may find useful.

And.. I've also changed the 'look and feel' of the uhooker's web site, mmm, if you think is bad now go to and prepare to be amazed!.

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