Friday, September 07, 2007

WifiZoo - playing with 802.11

I've been playing around with wireless, heard about Ferret from Errata Security which although is nothing spectacular, I do believe is a fun/useful tool to have.
I also wanted a tool to leave unattended, hopping thru all 802.11 channels, go read a book, come back, and get some useful information from it. I also wanted to make graphs of stuff, because everybody loves graph, and I do too :). I really believe data representation is very important and changes everything.

So I basically reinvented the wheel, added some stuff to it, everything using python, and came up with WifiZoo.

You can check it out at You can find a detailed description of the tool in the previous link.

Again, is nothing spectacular, but is a fun tool to use on wireless penetration tests, it works, still lots of functionality needs to be added, but again, it gets the job done. For now, I take the tool as a fun exercise to spend time on from time to time :).

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