Thursday, September 28, 2006

uhooker v1.2 is out!

I released uhooker v1.2. some bug fixes, structural changes and new functionality.
you can download it from
or directly from (tgz)
or (zip)
checkout the doc pages because Im constantly posting new stuff like sample scripts, etc.;
and also in this version there's a minor modification you'll have to make to your
existing scripts to make them work with version 1.2
See for
a complete list of changes.


Anonymous said...

Hey, can you check your links please. All seems to be 404

hernan said...

I just checked and the links are ok; are you still having problems?

techtonik said...

I do. Seems like is down although works ok.

hernan said...

I just checked again and the links seems to be working. I can try to send you the files via email if you want, let me know.